Updates and Musings

– I’m really excited to visit California in November. The plan is to visit for the entire month of November and come back to take Korean classes and work part time from Dec-Sept. Super excited for full time Korean classes. Watch out… white man speaking Korean baby.

– I miss California. California burritos, La Jolla cliffs, driving Celi, happy hour, old friends, new friends, even Los Angeles, my brother… who’s having a baby….good lord, not having to muster some small courage just to order food with my broke Korean.

– Time is terrifying. If space and time are interconnected, did God have to create the entire universe just to create time as we experience it?

– Today I told myself that “I’m never going to put something off that can be done today”. But I’ve put that off till tomorrow and am watching the flies swarm around the sink. Damn those ever present dishes.

– I don’t trust people’s opinions who don’t read consistently and extensively.

– I don’t read enough and haven’t read half the books in my library. :(

– I am ridiculously excited to finish this job. Almost every working day of this past year I’ve visualized how to brutally murder children. It’s not good for my soul. My cousin said I aged 5 years in 1. Probably because I’m balding. Which is probably from this job. 

-Balding report: getting pretty bad. Eh… what can you do? Everyone gets ugly eventually. I knew my turn was coming.  

-Favorite Jersey Shore line (out of many): “I think this job is beneath me. I do great things. I’m a bartender.” 

– Fitness report: getting pretty bad. Must get in SHAPE and stop eating ramen. Sadly, this too I’ve put off till tomorrow. But, I do have a deadline. I want to be somewhat decent when I see my family and friends in November so I have 9 weeks to step it up. Also I always buy my clothes here as one size too small. Literally half my closet I’ve never worn. Woe is me. Current weight: 172. Not too bad. Not great. Target weight by Nov: 163. Lets do this.

– I really appreciate those friends who I can not talk to for years and still feel extremely comfortable with. We might connect on different issues and at different depths but the connection is the important part. I feel really blessed to be able to name quite a few.

– It’s been thunderstorming for 4-5 weeks straight here. What the heck? 

– My roommate and his girlfriend are super cute.

-I love this girl:

– This was my view from the backyard of my house when I was living in LA. That was the absolute sweetest part of my brief stay there. I would go up there with some whisky and watch the sunset. One day I met these kids. 1 was rolling on extasy and 3 were high. Freaking hilarious. Hey Maynard… why can’t we not be sober?