Korea University Global MBA Halftime Report

It’s halfway through my MBA. Looking back on these pictures I’m reminded of all the incredible times we’ve had. Though I thought I was here for the degree, it’s the friendships – forged over intense study sessions, endless powerpoint slides, empty soju bottles, and earsplitting noraebang sessions – that I’ll remember. Hell, I’ve already forgotten the entire Financial Accounting course. But I’ll never forget that first Crimson party, or the ski trip where I broke my hip (which 2 months later still hurts) and 창호형 split his eye open – causing Juno and 철옥형 to make two trips to the same hospital in one day. Neither will I forget 사발식, having to drink Aidai’s 막거리 and feeling like the fattest hippo to  roll off stage. And I definitely couldn’t forget election night, being the only one preparing a speech and winning by one vote.

So here I’m raising my imaginary soju glass and saying cheers to the second half of an incredible year. May it somehow be more memorable that the first.