Steve Jobs Bio

Yeah it was good. It’s amazing what he could accomplish through his intelligence, willpower, and sheer I’m-going-to-follow-my-intuition-and-fuck-you mentality. What really surprised me was his artistry and devotion to design. I always knew Apple was sexy, but I didn’t know Jobs was the fountain that leaked that sexy. The best part of the book are the anecdotes of Jobs’s quarks. He’s got plenty of them. Here’s my favorite passage (though somewhat typical from Jobs’s constant need for design perfection) from a scene when Jobs is drugged up in the hospital:

Despite all the coddling, Jobs at times almost went crazy. He chafed at not being in control, and he sometimes hallucinated or became angry. Even when he was barely conscious, his strong personality came through. At one point the pulmonologist tried to put a mask over his face when he was deeply sedated. Jobs ripped it off and mumbled that he hated the design and refused to wear it. Though barely able to speak, he ordered them to bring five different options for the mask and he would pick a design he liked. The doctors looked at Powell [his wife], puzzled. She was finally able to distract him so they could put on the mask. He also hated the oxygen monitor they put on his finger. He told them it was ugly and too complex. He suggested ways it could be designed more simply. “He was very attuned to every nuance of the environment and objects around him, and that drained him,” Powell recalled.