I’d Rather Design


I’d rather design than write this blog. I’ve redesigned this thing 4 times in the past 4 months. But now I’ve settled on this design and I will not change it… which means, I’m going to change it next month. Previously I was trying to convert my blog into my photography portfolio, but I reconsidered and am going to keep them separate. I’ll be setting up my photography portfolio up again sometime this month, somewhere else. Perhaps next month I’ll reconsider and bring the portfolio back here.

I’ve been working a lot on websites this past year and have begun to think that its quite important for a person to have an online presence. But not just an online presence, the right online presence. Facebook, twitter, linked in, and such each have their unique uses, but a separate website or blog allows a person or business to show a certain flavor of themselves. It’s their second face, and frankly, the face more people are likely to see more often. A website can show a style in the design – the colors, patterns, curves, and typography. It can show values in the content and articulation of writing. And best of all, it separates the nerds and modernists from the non-cool people. :)

Currently I webmaster the following sites: Seoul Eats, Seoul FoodKorea Human Rights Monitor, and currently I’m working on a new site for an NGO that houses and educates North Korean refugees. It’s nice that my basic web design skills have opened the doors to these great organizations. The downside, however, is that I stare at a screen all day instead of work with a team of people. But that’s usually how it goes. Practice and get skilled at something alone, in the dark, in your bedroom, and then one day people will want to work with you. It’s like playing guitar. No one wants to play with you when you suck; everyone wants to play with you when you’re John Mayer.

My next nerd venture: learn javascript. But damn, it’s hard.

Thought of the day: Writing takes articulation; articulation takes developed thoughts; developed thoughts take patience and silence; and silence means turning off the TV. Damn you TV.