50 Things from Sept ’13 – Sept ’14

I was reading through a blog I like called Alien’s Day Out and noticed she had made a list of “101 Things to Do in 2013”. I felt inspired to do the same, and while it’s not the new year, the following is my list of to-dos in the following year. Some are frivolous such as “swim in the ocean” and some are obvious stretch goals like “read through the new testament in Korean in a year”. But I think they’re all possible, and will be a good reminder for me of my goals for the following year.

By the way, I’ve started reading the new testament in Korean, actually a “Korean-for-kids” bible, and it’s taking me almost 30 minutes per chapter. I’m currently at Matthew Ch 5. My goal is a chapter a day.

This list will be kept on the right pull out folder of this site and I’ll cross off the items as completed.

1. go hiking once a month ( /5)
2. lose weight every week until 165 ( /5 misses)
3. travel to a new country
4. get a dental check up
5. run a 10k race
6. watch the sunrise
7. blog at least once a week ( /5 misses)
8. try a brand new cuisine ( /3)
9. go camping in a tent
10. watch videos ( /20)
11. juice fast for more than 10 days
12. read at least 2 books a month ( /2 misses)
13. take a personal spiritual retreat
14. enjoy a fire
15. go on a road trip
16. organize music library
17. organize photo library
18. get noticeably better at guitar
19. fast from alcohol for a month
20. throw an awesome party
21. make new close friends ( /3)
22. invest in constructive relationships
23. have lunch with an old friend ( /5)
24. go to everland!
25. go to the dmz
26. read through the bible cover to cover
27. get conversationally fluent in korean
28. go for a run at least once a week ( /5 misses)
29. set up websites for non-profits ( /3)
30. do unpaid photography projects ( /5)
31. go one week without TV
32. go snowboarding
33. sleep under the stars
34. swim in the ocean
35. cook everything for a bomb dinner party
36. send snail mail to friends ( /5)
37. journal every week ( /5 misses)
38. reread a favorite childhood book
39. go to a cat/sheep cafe
40. watch 10 documentaries
41. work out at least 3 times a week ( /5 misses)
42. go to a sporting event
43. explore 5 new places in seoul ( /5)
44. start a podcast
45. decorate my room
46. ask someone out of league on a date
47. make an actual photography portfolio website
48. redesign this personal blog
49. wear a suit for no reason
50. read through the new testament in korean


My Favorite Gifs!!

Well yesterday I finished my MBA program and I feel obligated to write a sweeping post summarizing the myriad life lessons that have irrevocably changed my life this past year. Screw that. I have free time! So I’m going to post my favorite gifs. I’m a reddit stalker and these have been accumulating in my bookmark folder, waiting to be unleashed.

Just open the page and do something else while the gifs load. It’ll be worth it. Enjoy!

By the way, check out this blog full of amazing pastor related gifs:

My favorites are definitely the pretty ugly girl, the intense black man, and the compassionate kid. Which one(es) is(are) your favorite?